Monday, July 1, 2013

Dawn Light Dance - Fantasy Dance Art

The Audi Avus can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 3 seconds, but a ballerina can perform a spectacularly beautiful and acrobatically complex Grand Jeté in less than 3 seconds. Demonstratively, the power of either is unquestionably all about performance. Ballerinas can be elegantly poised and graceful but ballet necessitates strength and toughness. The mastery of ballet dance art requires performers to exercise endurance through repetitive routines to achieve perfection even in pain.

Like many dance art lovers, I once dreamed of becoming a performer, but now I am more a spectator and cheerleader of those who are succeeding. But wait! I can still dream, not for myself, but about a fictional achiever. It’s not far fetched to do so. It’s just like authoring a book and making up stories with suitable characters. They may be fictional but good writing makes them seem real. That’s what makes books sale and why people talk about fictional characters as if they are real.

As an artist, I have come up with my own character in the plural sense, ballerinas. All the ingredients for authoring and creating engaging ballerina art is a given. Ballerinas are beautiful, talented, strong and daring. Oh how the plots, I mean art concepts are flowing through my head like a stop action for image grabbing movie. With the mind being like a canvas, technological advancements in visual production makes translating thoughts into photo realistic output a lot faster with a great deal of creative power and flexibility.

In the process of applying finishing touches to my “Dawn Light Dance” art concept, it occurred to me that it’s unlikely that I will be the only one who will read into or interpret the content of the art. It was obvious because the finished piece looks like the cover of a mystery novel. The scene of a ballerina on pointe near a parked Audi Avus during early sunrise in an open air space that looks like a ballroom without walls stirs the imagination.

How can she afford such an expensive and powerful car? Is she the daughter of a rich man or is she a wealthy financier dreaming of being a ballerina? Is the car stereo echoing ballet music throughout the open space? Who built and own the ballroom looking open-air structure? How did she gain access? Is the place a high-class ballet studio or a fancy car showroom, etc. and etc.? The beauty of this artistic portrayal of a ballerina is that it lives on in the thoughts and imaginations of those who view it.

Now it’s anyone’s thoughts that can fill in the blank, build upon possible sagas making the elements of the picture more complete, interesting and unique. With the potential of many participants devising plots, this work of art is not at all motionless albeit a still image. It garners motion by moving the imagination of its viewers.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Large canvas art, contemporary wall art, dance art posters and ballet prints produced by Ballerina Art

Ballerina Art may very well be considered a novelty for as long as there is no other place operating under the same business model. So as not to sow confusion, I thought it would be prudent to share a little about what makes Ballerina Art a unique place to buy dance art ballet prints. To start, one must understand how technological advances in photography has made it possible for one man to produce Ballerina Art without ever having to point a single SLR Camera or any other photo mechanic or electronic device towards any person during the entire production process. The above display image was produced without any hand held or tripod mounted camera neither a live female model.